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Leadership Circle

Leadership Circle Benefits

• Complimentary museum and IMAX admission for you and your guests
• Recognition on Donor Wall in the Grand Lobby
• 10 vouchers for Gallery / IMAX admission to give to others
• Invitations to private receptions and exhibition previews
• 20% discount on birthday party packages
• Free or discounted admission to 250 ASTC science and technology museums worldwide
• 10% discounts at The Tech Store and The Tech Cafe
• Pleasure of knowing your support is inspiring teachers, students, and families in our community
• No service charge for online ticket charges

As of May 31, 2015
The Tech Museum of Innovation gratefully acknowledges individual contributors to the Annual Fund for Education who inspire young innovators, locally and globally, through our exhibits and programs.

For general membership information, explore our Membership pages.
For inquiries about the Leadership Circle, please email Maria Pappas at

Investing $5,000 - $9,999

Penelope and Ernest R. Blake
Jennifer and Charles Boynton
Linda and Joe Bronson
Renee and David Crawford
Kathy and James Deichen
Dana and Tom Evan
Nan and Charles Geschke
Eva and Andrew Grove
Tom Hart
Gloria Chen and John Kibarian
Jaynie and Bill Kind
Susan and Dan'l Lewin
Kathleen and Smith McKeithen
Cathy and Roger J. Quinlan
Renuka and Peter Relan
Diane Greene and Mendel Rosenblum
Stratton Sclavos
Donna Dubinsky and Leonard Shustek
Marva and John Warnock

Sponsoring $2,500 - $4,999

Gordon Bell
Nancy Blachman
Anna and Rob Bradshaw
Peggy and Yogen Dalal
Anne and Adrian Dollard
Mary Ellen and Michael E. Fox, Sr.
The Brett and Michelle Galloway Foundation
Patricia and Martin Giles
Barbara and John Glynn
David Hitz
Maureen and David Kennedy
Karen and Richard King
Ronnie Lott
Shawn and Douglas MacKenzie
Rebecca and James Morgan
Shara and David Morishige
Lavon and Dean Morton
Catherine and Nick Noviello
Julie Packard
Cindy and Randy Pond
Jerry Rice
Kathleen and Mark Santora
Timi Del Conte and John M. Sobrato

Entrepreneurial $1,000 - $2,499

Veronica and Greer Arthur
Mechelle and Manny Barbara
Barbara and Frank Barone
Dean Belshaw
Lucy Blake
Suzie and Harry Blount
Robert Bynum
Liz and Lath Carlson
Paul Chamberlain
Karin and Steven Chase
Stuart Cheshire
Fannie Allen and George W. Cogan
Joshua Cohen
Sandi and Richard Coniff
Sonja and Bill Davidow
Marla and James deBroekert
Lynette and Dick DiNapoli
J. Philip & Jennifer DiNapoli Foundation
Celia and Jim Dudley
Joan and Alan Earhart
Concepción and Irwin Federman
Christopher Feia
Elwanda and William Fenwick
Jeanne and Frank Fischer
Marne Mar and Butch Francisco
Renu and Dhrumil Gandhi
Susan Valeriote and Kenneth Goldman
Hon Mai and Joseph Goodman
The Amer Haider Charitable Fund
Jan Half
Arline and James Harper
Mark Harris
Peggy and Fred Heiman
Noreen and James Helvie
David House
Jamey Jacobs
Trine Sorensen and Michael Jacobson
Madhuri Ramanathan and Ashvin Kannan
Gail Kendall and Family
Robert S. Kieve
Cathy and Kevin Kimball
Kay Kleinerman
Carolyn and Mark Koenig
Jennifer Konecny
Jennifer and Randy Krenzin
Terry and Bill Krivan
Michelle and Michael Kwatinetz
James Learner
Catherine Pierson Lego
Steve Leistner
Laura Becker-Lewke and Reynold Lewke 
Karen and Walter Loewenstern
Shilin Jiang and Gregory Luth
Jonathan MacQuitty
Kathie and Bob Maxfield
Christina and Webb McKinney
Joyce Milligan
Willy and Jim Mitchell
Eric Nyhus
Maria and Anthony Pappas
DJ Patil
Carrie and Greg Penner
Ellen and Drew Perkins
Hal R. Powell
Jan and Don Provan
Dorothy H. Reagan (in memory of Joseph B. Reagan)
Hasan Rizvi
Beth and Stephen Robie
Catherine E. Rossi-Roos and Mark D. Roos
Suzanne and Ali Salehpour
Karl Schramm
Ray Scott
Ryan Scott
Bonita Banducci and Jay Shalhoob
The Somekh Family Foundation
Mary E. Murphy and Mark C. Stevens
Kavita Tankha
Daniel M. Tellep
Andrea and Joseph Thomas
Margaret and John Thompson
Barry Uphoff
John Vitalie
Jana Van DeGoor and Kenneth E. Washington
Rachel and Jon Wilner
Elizabeth B. Wolf
The King and Linda Won Family Fund