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The Tech Interactive Appoints Dr. Shikoh Gitau to Board, Emphasizes Global Vision

First International Board Member will Support STEM Growth in Kenya and Beyond

May 17, 2024, San Jose, CA —The Tech Interactive, a world-renowned science, technology, and education center in the heart of Silicon Valley, is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Shikoh Gitau of Kenya to its Board of Directors. Dr. Shikoh is the visionary CEO of Qhala, a leading Digital Innovation company spearheading transformative initiatives across Africa.

Dr. Shikoh’s appointment comes as The Tech embarks on its second year of the global expansion of its signature and longest-running program, The Tech Challenge, to Kenya, aligning with the country's national initiative to enhance STEM education in K-12 schools. Her connections within the African tech ecosystem will be vital in forming strategic partnerships that will help the program continue to expand in Kenya and beyond.

The Tech has committed to a five-year plan to expand The Tech Challenge in Kenya, focusing initially on the city of Nakuru, which boasts the highest number of schools in the country. This expansion aims to build local educator and student capacity, supporting the region’s growing demand for STEM education. By 2026, The Tech Challenge aims to engage 10,000 youth, cultivating increased interest in STEM careers, confidence in STEM disciplines, and enhanced collaboration and problem-solving skills.

“Dr. Shikoh's extensive experience and passion for leveraging technology to solve complex challenges make her an invaluable addition to our board,” said Katrina Stevens, President and CEO of The Tech Interactive. “As our first international board member, her perspective will be instrumental in driving our mission forward and inspiring the innovator in everyone, everywhere.”

Dr. Shikoh played key roles in leading innovation at Safaricom Alpha, Africa's foremost corporate innovation hub, and at the Africa Development Bank (AfDB), where she advised governments on ICT adoption. Her work included spearheading Safaricom's digital transformation and shaping strategic initiatives like the Digital Government Blueprint, now embraced by Smart Africa. With experience at Google and Microsoft, Dr. Shikoh’s award-winning work bridges business, government, and technology.

"I am honored to join The Tech’s Board of Directors," said Dr. Shikoh. "This unique opportunity allows me to give back to my community and expand engineering opportunities for children in Kenya and by extension across Africa by bringing the best of Silicon Valley's capabilities into our classrooms. As Africa is poised to become the world's workforce, The Tech is strategically positioned to nurture the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers, driving sustainable growth and development in our communities."

Dr. Shikoh holds influential roles on various ICT company boards and government advisory councils, shaping policies in data and digital development. Serving on boards like WiDEF and companies such as Longhorn and Open Institute, she amplifies her impact in technology and the digital economy. Dr. Shikoh's accolades, like the ASEB Summit award for Ecosystem Builder of the Year, highlight her commitment to empowering women in tech and fostering Africa's startup ecosystem.

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Dr. Shikoh Gitau stands in front of bamboo trees.  She is African with short black hair, a big smile, and a white dress.
Dr. Shikoh Gitau of Kenya is The Tech's newest board member and the visionary CEO of Qhala, a leading Digital Innovation company spearheading transformative initiatives across Africa
Students in Nakuru, Kenya build a device for the first international Tech Challenge held in 2023. More than 750 students participated in the inaugural program.

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