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YouTube's Flash Domino and Team to Bring Record-Breaking Build to The Tech Interactive

Visit Topple Town, USA - The Largest Domino and Machine City Ever Constructed.

San Jose, CA, July 5, 2023 - The Tech Interactive will host record-breaking construction (and destruction), led by YouTube sensation Flash Domino (Producer of Domino Masters on Fox and Hulu) and his team of expert domino and chain-reaction engineers from July 9-15, 2023.  The event, known as Tech Topple, will feature an intricate series of domino setups, carefully designed and executed to create an awe-inspiring chain reaction. 

The team will attempt an unofficial record using more than 15,000 dominoes to create the largest domino and machine city ever built: Topple Town, USA. Landscapes and atmospheres often get depicted in domino and machine builds, but rarely do setups come together to form a cohesive piece of scenery of this scale. This is also one of the first times that both dominoes and machines will be used side by side to bring a scenery-focused project to life. And no town would be complete without citizens: Look out for “Topple Townies” - notable San Joseans in domino form - who have made Topple Town their home for the week. 

In its 8th year, the Tech Topple is the largest kinetic art build in California. While at The Tech, the team will also share tips on making fun and dynamic creations during daily domino challenges and member workshops where visitors will get to put their steady hands and innovation to the test alongside the experts.

Where: The lobby of The Tech Interactive, 201 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113

When: July 9-15, 2023. Construction will take place all week at The Tech. Stop by any time during museum hours—10 a.m. to 5 p.m.—to watch the master builders at work. 

The town will topple promptly at 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 15, and attendees will witness the culmination of hours of planning, meticulous craftsmanship, and precise execution. With each falling domino, a cascade of energy will be released, resulting in eye-catching patterns and surprising interactions between various props. 


Alex Huang (aka Flash Domino) - Professional kinetic artist and Producer of Domino Masters on FOX (2022).

Lyle Broughton - Professional chain-reaction artist and Winner of “Domino Masters” Season 1

Joel Yantha - Professional chain-reaction artist from Canada

Zane C. - Chain-reaction machine builder

Brady Dolan - 19-year-old domino builder

Blue Krabs - 18-year-old chain-reaction artist

Erez Klein - Former domino world record holder

Chase Blanchette - Professional chain-reaction machine builder

Photo/Video Opportunity:

To get an idea of what you can expect, see the video from the 2022 Tech Topple.

*High-resolution images and additional information are available upon request.

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Tech Topple event information

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