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The Tech Interactive's 9th Annual Tech Topple Features 40,000-Domino Amusement Park

July 9, 2024, San Jose, CA — The Tech Interactive, the world-renowned science, technology, and education center in downtown San Jose, will host a record-breaking domino construction (and destruction), led by YouTube sensation Flash Domino (Producer of Domino Masters on Fox and Hulu) and his team of expert domino and chain-reaction engineers. The event, known as Tech Topple, will feature an intricate series of domino setups, carefully designed and executed to create an awe-inspiring chain reaction that will leave spectators astounded. It will take place from July 9-13, 2024.

In the spirit of The Tech Interactive’s Summer Spectacular, the team is building their own Kinetic Carnival. Complete with thrill rides, midway games, and more, it’s the world’s only amusement park made to be destroyed! This domino-based theme park will include everything from roller coasters and Ferris wheels to funhouses and bumper cars, all crafted from tens of thousands of dominoes. Visitors can watch the experts make this artistic display come alive all week, and then they can watch the final topple on Saturday, July 13 at 1pm!

For scale, The Kinetic Carnival is expected to be twice the size of last year’s impressive Topple Town build, which was created using 20,000 dominoes. Hundreds of people gathered to watch Topple Town’s ultimate destruction: nearly 5 consecutive minutes of successful domino topples and chain reactions.

In its 9th year, the Tech Topple is the largest kinetic domino build in California. While at The Tech, the team will also share tips on making fun and dynamic creations during member workshops and daily domino challenges where visitors get to put their steady hands and innovation to the test alongside the experts. Participate in open domino builds and see if you can topple the competition!

Where: The lobby of The Tech Interactive, 201 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113

When: July 9-13, 2024. Construction will take place all week at The Tech. Stop by any time during museum hours—10 a.m. to 5 p.m.—to watch the master builders at work. 

The Kinetic Carnival will topple promptly at 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 13, when attendees will witness the culmination of hours of planning, meticulous craftsmanship, and precise execution. With each falling domino, a cascade of energy will be released, resulting in eye-catching patterns, mesmerizing displays, and surprising interactions between various props. It’s a spectacle that promises to combine the nostalgia of carnival fun with the mesmerizing art of domino toppling.


  • Alex Huang (aka Flash Domino) - Professional kinetic artist and Producer of Domino Masters on FOX (2022).
  • Lyle Broughton - Professional chain-reaction artist and Winner of “Domino Masters” Season 1
  • Joel Yantha - Professional chain-reaction artist from Canada
  • Zane Chattra. - Chain-reaction machine builder
  • Brady Dolan - 20-year-old domino builder
  • Oscar Gabriel - 19-year-old chain-reaction artist
  • Erez Klein - Former domino world record holder
  • John Wickham - Former domino world record holder
  • Gabriel Neise - Machine builder
  • Jade Decker - Domino builder

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To get an idea of what you can expect, see the video from the 2023 Tech Topple.

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