2021-22 Laureates

Every year, The Tech for Global Good program celebrates innovators using technology to tackle big problems. In 2022, The Tech for Global Good honors four laureates who use data to support people and the environment.


Blue Sky Analytics

Founded in 2018 (India)
Presented by the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation

Mission: Driven by purpose to save the planet with environmental data.

What they do: Blue Sky Analytics is a geospatial data intelligence company leading the fight against air pollution, water crisis, and environmental degradation by providing high-resolution, high-frequency, and near-real-time information on key environmental indicators.


Buzz Solutions


Founded in 2017 (United States/CA)

Presented by Judy and Erica Swanson

Mission: To safeguard and improve the world’s energy infrastructure.

What they do: Buzz Solutions uses artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics to detect faults and anomalies for power utilities in power line inspections. Using its solutions, power utilities save over 50% of cost and time to analyze data making maintenance efforts easier and time-efficient, thus, preventing wildfires, power outages, and other climate change effects on the physical infrastructure of the grid.



Founded 2008 (Kenya)
Presented by NetApp

Mission: To help marginalized people raise their voice and those who serve them to listen and respond better.

What they do: The Ushahidi platform helps global clients enact social change by creating projects that survey and hear from their communities, allowing grass roots movements and conversations to take root. Clients collect and manage data from multiple sources, visualize and act upon it, building a conduit between the community and the people who serve them.


Wild Me

Founded in 2008 (United States/OR)

Mission: To use machine learning and artificial intelligence in the fight against species extinction.

What they do: Wild Me’s platform, Wildbook, blends structured wildlife research with artificial intelligence, citizen science, and computer vision to speed population analysis of animal species around the globe and develop new insights to bring an end to extinction.

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