Data Science

Data is everywhere. It can be used to understand the world in detail, inform decisions, and even uncover inequalities. These lessons engage students as data scientists, using data to understand and solve problems.

Lessons marked with an orange gear icon address engineering within the Next Generation Science Standards.

Wastewater Data Challenge

Grades 7-12

In this lesson, learners work in teams to examine wastewater data for a local region.

Lesson: 105 minutes

Pick + Chews Data Talk

Grades 3-12

How does the food we eat impact the environment? Analyze graphs about three different food groups and consider how you could build a meal that has less impact on our land, air, or water. 

Data Talk: 5-15 minutes

Data Talk


Data Challenge

Grades 7-12

Analyze how The Tech for Global Good laureates use data as a tool to solve problems and affect change. As a team create a plan for collecting and using data to address a problem in your own sphere of influence.

Lesson: 90 minutes

Analyzing Patterns in Voter Data

Grades 9-12

Analyze, map and graph voter data in this data science and computational thinking lesson. Then take on the role of data journalists to share the story of your data with others.

Lesson: 90 minutes

Drones: Buzz Solutions

Grades K-12

Use this video and prompt to spark engagement: Vik built a drone and attached some pollution monitoring sensors on it to find out how polluted the air was in his city, New Delhi. How else do you imagine we could use drones to collect data? Can you think of a way that drones could solve problems in the world?

Tech for Global Good Virtual Field Trip

Grades K-12

Join us as we dive into data-driven innovation in our Tech for Global Good Virtual Field Trip. Students will meet the 2020 Tech for Global Good Laureates – four groundbreaking STEM pros who are rethinking data technology to transform our world for the better. This free, 25-minute virtual experience is available now!

Video: 25 minutes
Pre and Post activities: 90 minutes

Watch Virtual Field Trip

Educator Guide

Data Explorers

Interested in exploring data in-depth? Check out this 12-session curriculum from NetApp developed in partnership with The Tech Interactive and TERC. Students use real-world data sets to explore issues they care about in health care and education. They apply what they have learned to plans for social impact, communicating their ideas to the broader community in this hands-on exploration of data science.

Duration: 12 sessions (75 minutes each) 

Grades: 7-8

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