Data Challenge

Analyze how The Tech for Global Good laureates use data as a tool to solve problems and affect change. Students will work in groups to create a plan for collecting and using data to address a problem in their own sphere of influence.

Lesson Plan     Student Handout

Design Problem: Design a plan to use data to address a problem in your life or community.

Grade Levels: 7-12 

Duration: 90 minutes 

Concepts/Skills: Data literacy, social impact, brainstorming

Objectives: Students will...

  • Identify an issue existing in their immediate lives or community that could be addressed using data.
  • Create a plan for collecting data that can aid in solving an issue.
  • Explore how data analysis helps to inform solutions and measure their success.

“Solution” Videos

2021-2022 Laureates


Blue Sky Analytics

Buzz Solutions


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2020-2021 Laureates



Destination: Home

Opportunity Insights

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