2020-21 Laureates

Every year, The Tech for Global Good program celebrates innovators using technology to tackle big problems. In 2020-21, The Tech for Global Good honors four laureates who, through the constructive use of data, enable people to access healthier and more prosperous lives.



Founded in 2012

Mission: Improve the safety and security of livestock herds while reducing ranchers’ environmental impact and providing traceability across the cows’ lifecycle.

What they do: Equip farmers with data to help identify and isolate irregularities for the protection of their herds. Data is gathered with sensors and transformed into actionable information.


Destination: Home

Founded in 2008

Mission: End homelessness in Santa Clara County, California.

What they do: Use data to track progress toward permanent housing for vulnerable populations in Santa Clara County, as well as to help individuals and families at risk of becoming homeless.


Opportunity Insights

Founded in 2018

Mission: Identify barriers to economic opportunity and develop scalable solutions that will empower people throughout the United States to rise out of poverty and achieve better life outcomes.

What they do: Some 90% of children born before 1940 grew up to earn more than their parents. But only half of children born after 1940 do so. This team uses data to uncover and understand the potential of our society to increase economic outcomes for all Americans.


UNICEF's Magicbox

Founded in 1946

Mission: Advocate for the protection of children’s rights to help meet their basic needs and expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.

What they do: UNICEF’s Innovations team created a technology platform to track and help predict the spread of diseases such as Ebola, Zika, and COVID-19. The information empowers global and community leaders to make data-driven decisions towards prevention and containment of disease.

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