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Where can you learn engineering design skills, discover how to solve real-world problems, practice working collaboratively and have a whole lot of fun at the same time?

Now in its 37th year, The Tech Challenge invites teams of students in Grades 4-12 to use the engineering design process to solve a real-world problem. Participants spend months collaborating and becoming deeply engaged in the challenge while documenting their progress and designs. The program culminates in an inspiring two-day showcase in April where teams put their solutions to the test in front of judges.

SPACE – the possibilities are limitless!

From figuring out how to redirect asteroids to finding planets that could support life, scientists are always collecting information about our universe. Scientists are on a quest to learn more about a distant planet and its largest moon. Can your team deliver fragile, but highly important supplies to this moon’s surface?

The challenge: Deliver multiple payloads to different locations.


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