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The BioTinkering Lab

In this evolving workspace, you can try creative biodesign activities, explore genetics with scientists from Stanford, participate in community projects, and experiment with new biotechnology.

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Other Biology Resources from The Tech

Algae String

Who needs boring old plastic? Get creative and use simple at-home chemistry to transform natural materials from living seaweed into flexible, colorful string! What will you create?

Cabbage Inks

Can you make color-changing paint from a simple cabbage? No doubt, sauerkraut. This activity from the scientists behind our BioTinkering Lab brings together biology, chemistry and art for an experience that is all science, and a little bit of magic.

Making with Microbes

Ever wanted to grow your own paper or plastic? Or create leather that doesn’t use animals? All these can be done at home by collaborating with microbes — tiny microscopic organisms — to grow a custom biomaterial.

Life Science Lessons

These lessons explore the natural world of animals, plants and even living things we can’t see, like bacteria! Your learners will engage more deeply with life sciences when you add real-world layers like hands-on building, engineering design challenges, or computer programming.

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