2023-24 Laureates

Every year, The Tech for Global Good program celebrates innovators using technology to tackle big problems. In 2023-24, The Tech for Global Good honors four laureates who are innovative organizations that use technology to significantly advance health equity and improve lives. To continue our work in advancing data science education, we have chosen two laureates who use data to advance their work.


Aluna Laureate

San Francisco, CA
Presented by The Swanson Foundation

What they do: Aluna makes hardware and software that helps people with breathing problems. Their portable spirometer gives real-time information about lung health to patients and doctors, helping them better manage their respiratory conditions from home. Aluna's game-like phone app tracks and motivates users in their respiratory health journey.

Arcade Therapeutics

Arcade Therapeutics Laureate

New York, NY

What they do: Arcade Therapeutics creates research-backed mobile games that treat mental health problems like anxiety and depression. Their mission is to transform breakthrough scientific findings into fun, accessible, and empowering therapeutic tools to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Biobot Analytics

Biobot Analytics Laureate

Cambridge, MA
Presented by Patrick J. McGovern Foundation

What they do: Biobot Analytics monitors wastewater to detect viruses, high-risk substances, and other risks to community health. Their technology provides early warnings, enabling communities to take action and prevent health threats from turning into major crises.
*Data Science Laureate


CIONIC Laureate

San Francisco, CA
Presented by NetApp

What they do: Cionic helps people with mobility differences walk faster and easier with their wearable Neural Sleeve device. Their breakthrough technology integrates sensors, personalized algorithms, and functional electrical stimulation to coordinate leg movements, providing a seamless and effective solution for enhancing mobility.

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