2022-23 Laureates

Every year, The Tech for Global Good program celebrates innovators using technology to tackle big problems. In 2022-23, The Tech for Global Good honors four laureates who are creating a more sustainable future. To continue our work in advancing data science education, we have chosen two laureates who use data to advance their work.


Blue Ocean Barns


Kailua-Kona, HI
Presented by Patrick J. McGovern Foundation

What they do: Blue Ocean Barns is solving agriculture’s biggest sustainability challenge by working with dairy and beef producers to remove greenhouse gas emissions directly from their supply chains. By the end of this decade, they will be growing enough red seaweed to supplement all 100 million cattle in the US, reducing methane emissions from cattle farming by 80%.



Food distribution.

Atlanta, GA
Presented by NetApp

What they do: Goodr is on a mission to end food waste, fight hunger and feed communities using the power of technology and logistics. They have served food to 30 million people in need while diverting nearly 4 million pounds of food away from landfills.
* Data Science Laureate



Biologist with a robot.

Berkeley, CA
Presented by Barbara and John Glynn

What they do: MicroByre wants to turn bacteria into climate-friendly factories. To achieve this, they rely on robotics and automation to rapidly measure and catalog bacteria. This data is used to determine which bacteria can help transform bio-waste into life-saving cancer drugs, jet fuel, fertilizer, and other chemicals. Their production methods will one day break our reliance on petroleum and radically reduce our carbon emissions.
* Data Science Laureate


Strawcture Eco

Strawcture Eco install.

Delhi, India
Presented by The Swanson Foundation

What they do: Strawcture Eco provides 100% biobased composite building panels made from agri-residue (straw that would otherwise be burnt or disposed of) to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment.

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