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Did you know that you can integrate many of our design challenge and engineering lessons into your other content areas, like English Language Arts and social science? 

Most of our resources are aligned with the engineering strand of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


You can count on these lessons

English Language Arts

Lessons to write home about

Social Science

Let’s make history together

Life Science

Get a life (science lesson)

Physical Science

Let’s get physical ... science

Earth and Space Science

These lessons are outta this world

Computational Thinking

Get with the (computer) program

Data Science

Byte into these

Systems Design

Big thinkers, unite!


Get your hands on these lessons

The Tech Challenge

Are you up to the Challenge?

Social Emotional Learning

Engineering with empathy

The Tech Interactive at Home

Short DIY activities to share with families using inexpensive store-bought materials or objects you find around the home.

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